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The Great Civil War Trivia Quiz of June 26, 2013

At our last meeting on June 26, we had another Civil War Trivia Quiz. Many of the questions required the viewer to identify a person, place or thing in a photograph which was briefly shown to everyone. Interspersed were some verbal questions. How good are you? We had one person (Bob Carlson, our new president) get all of them right. So here goes . . .

The answers are at the bottom of the page.

The verbal questions:

15. In what city was the first capital of the Confederacy?

16. What big job in the federal government did Jeff Davis have before the CW?

17. Who was the on-site military commander at Harpers Ferry in October 1859, capturing John Brown?

18. Who was William Lloyd Garrison?

19. Was Missouri one of the states that seceded from the Union?

20. Name another fort on the east coast similar to Fort Sumter.





  1. From the monument to the 15th Massachusetts in the West Woods at Antietam. [This monument was carved in Holden, Massachusetts, not more than 100 yards from where we hold our meetings.]
  2. Statue of Gen. Warren at Little Round Top, Gettysburg.
  3. The Bloody Lane at Antietam.
  4. Gen. Ambrose Burnside.
  5. Gen. Joshua Chamberlain
  6. Devils Den, at Gettysburg
  7. Dunker Church at Antietam
  8. The seminary at Gettysburg.
  9. The fire station at Harpers Ferry where John Brown was captured.
  10. John Burns, a civilian in Gettysburg who fought against the invading Confederates.
  11. Gen. Lew Wallace.
  12. The Virginia monument at Gettysburg.
  13. Gen. Thomas Jackson
  14. 12-Pounder Napoleon cannon.
  15. Montgomery, Alabama
  16. Secretary of War
  17. Captain Robert E. Lee
  18. Abolitionist and editor of The Liberator
  19. Missouri did not secede.
  20. Many answers, some are Fort McHenry, Fort Warren, Fort Pulaski, Fort Taylor, Fort Jefferson.

A Visit to the Ball’s Bluff Battlefield, May 1, 2013

Well worth a visit.

These photos were taken on May 1, 2013 in the early evening, between 6 and 7 pm. After leaving a busy commercial and residential area, the regional battlefield park is entered through a dirt road which comes to a large parking area.

There are signs to guide the visitor to the battlefield and surrounding area and many informative wayside markers and maps explaining the action that occurred during the battle. There is also a small national cemetery with 18 headstones, all marked unknown except one. Nearby the cemetery is a marker noting the location where United States Senator Edward Baker (R, Oregon) was killed while leading Union forces.

Well-maintained trails lead down to the Potomac River where you can look up at the 80-foot bluff. There are benches in several places where you can sit and soak up the historical significance of what went on there.

The five-minute video at the bottom of this page is well worth watching.

Video about the Ball’s Bluff battle.

Ball’s Bluff Battlefield Park