2012-2013 Schedule

Here is  list of the speakers from September 2012 to  June 2013.

September 26, 2012  Lynne McKenney Lydick – Follow the Cannon: Clara Barton’s Civil War Letters

October 24 Russell McClintock – Abraham Lincoln, Jefferson Davis, and the Struggle for Peace in 1861

November 28 Steve Laird – The Battle of the Wilderness – The Beginning of the End for Lee’s Army

December 19 Members and Guests Christmas Meeting/Show and Tell

January 23 Chuck Veit – How the US Navy Won the Civil War

February 27 David Prentiss – Lincoln’s Political Religion: The Perpetuation Address, Gettysburg, and the Second Inaugural

March 27 TBA

April 24 Mark Savolis – Ball’s Bluff: The Aftermath

May 22 Brian Jordan – When Billy Came Marching Home: Union Veterans and Their Unending Civil War

June 26 Prof. James Tackach  – Abraham Lincoln and the Fourteenth Amendment